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Sainsbury’s MyHR is Sainsbury’s official employee registration portal that allows employees to manage work schedules and policies, manage their work hours, view wages, salaries, and performance statistics. MyHR Sainsburys helps employees stay in touch with Sainsbury’s human resources and management team.

MySainsburys is the online government portal for all employees of the British company Sainsbury’s. The gateway helps organize business-related data and files for employees. Things like job rotation, payroll, rewards, and other information can be found on the portal.

It is also the most effective way to communicate with the Sainsbury team. Employees can submit complaints and problems to their supervisors. They also send messages and easily receive important information about their work. You can also check how many hours you worked each month or each week.

Forgotten Password? Here Are The Steps To Reset

If you forgot your account password, you can reset it by following the steps below. See the steps to reset your account password below:

  • Visit the official MySainsburys login website at
  • Click on a forgotten password? You will now be redirected to the Forgot Account Password page.
  • Then enter your account username and your new password.
  • Click the Next button and follow the instructions on the screen to reset the MySainsburys login password.

On the homepage of the MySainsburys registration portal at, you can view the MySainsburys payment receipt, online payment receipt, and login details. Providing physical payment information to 100,000+ employees can be exciting. It is for this reason that MySainsburys has implemented or developed an online payroll software system.

The pay stub is the official bank statement from your employer. This pay slip contains details such as salary details, taxes, GPF, deductions, including some of your personal information. Well, all employees should know what those payments are. However, if you are newly hired, your employer can provide specific payroll details for each pay period that may be helpful.

However, access to details and information on employment-related information is only possible if you have successfully registered your account on the MySainsburys employee portal. In our article we explain all the details of the MySainsburys login portal. The article guarantees you easy access to the online portal.