The company is responsible for helping customers eat healthily and improving the quality of the food in their baskets. More than 26 million customer transactions were processed each week. Our best achievements at MySainsburys include 11 tons of salt and 452 tons of sugar from our own cereal line, 400 tons of sugar, and 12 red labels recalled from our pumpkins and environmental mixes.

MySainsburys.co.uk is specially designed for Sainsbury employees to manage payment subscriptions online. Our payroll website mysainsburys, formerly mysainsburys, has all the information about the employee’s job, including hours worked, night shifts, bonuses earned, and compensation the employee receives.

Schools and clubs benefited active children in 2017. More than 9,000 teachers have been trained to make an inclusive educational contribution to the EDUCATION for all active children program.

Sainsbury’s is the second largest supermarket chain in the UK with 16.0% of the supermarket sector. It was founded in 1869 by John James Sainsbury. The head office is in London, UK. The company became the world’s largest grocery retailer in 1922. Subscribing to MySainsburys is one of the best steps you can take to improve the lives of your employees every day.

MySainsburys Login is Sainsbury’s official employee registration portal through which employees can view their work hours, policies, vacation details, payroll, wages, and performance reports. The portal helps employees ensure that they can easily access your company information.

MySainsburys Login is the online web portal specially designed for Sainsbury employees. Sainsburys employees can visit www.mysainsburys.com to view all information, manage employee plans, conduct audits and manage payroll. Find out your position in our Sainsburys community, reply to messages and create complaints. If you have any problems accessing the portal, you can also contact the online portal customer service.

At Sainsbury, our core values ​​include health, shopping, the environment, our colleagues and the workforce. This portal was created exclusively to ensure that employees have easy and hassle-free access to all job-related details.